About Us

WEI IN ENTERPRISE was founded by President Ming Che Kuo as the manufacturing in Tainan. Since Wei In established in 1989, it is first product was “screw nuts”.

Base on above, we and our customer maintain well relationship for many years, and then we started to improve our forging technique and quality system for the purpose of transferring products costs, and achieving volume production.

We have acquired ISO 9001:2000 quality.

Most of our products export to other countries, such as Singapore Europe etc, in domestic market.

WEI IN will be brand new automatic equipment, improves the personnel quality and producing energy.

Increase internationalization competitive ability, heavy quality, and industrious service spirit.

Unceasingly innovates, conforms to the market demand. Sincerely serves and continues to provide satisfies for the customer.

Let’s share the growth and prosperity together.